Second Keyboard Overview

Second Keyboard is the keyboard just for you. You can add additional functionalities to the input environment using Second Keyboard. It can be flexibly changed for your purposes and favorites. You can easily customize the keyboard with graphical user interface. In addition, you can also make an elaborate keyboard by editing the HTML that defines the keyboard.


・Emoticon Keyboard is the keyboard for entering frequently used face marks, emoji, and small images.

Glossary Keyboard is the keyboard for searching for a word: for e.g. technical terminology that you have already registered.

General Keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard for entering letters, numbers, or symbols.

 Unnecessary keyboard can be disabled in the properties page of the keyboard.


You can change keyboard appearance such as the color, background image or key-top font. You can also change the text assigned to a key. To change the keyboard, there is an easy way to use dialog panel. On the other hand, there is also a way to edit the file defining the keyboard directly, which is more difficult and requires some knowledge of HTML, but you can do more things.

Change on Your Computer (Desktop/Laptop)

You can edit files with Second Keyboard on a mobile device or tablet. But it is more efficient to edit files on a PC (desktop/laptop) using html authoring tool or debug tool. To do so, you can get all files defining a keyboard by Export/Import Command.

Create Your Original Keyboard

To create an original keyboard, duplicating an existing one and modifying it, is one of the methods.


Second Keyboard built-in keyboards do not transmit any key touch information.

Keyboards are forbidden to access a remote server.

About Full Access

If you want to change a keyboard, it is necessary to allow Second Keyboard Full Access in iOS Settings App(General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Second KB).

If you want to change a keyboard and use it while forbidding Full Access.

  1. Allow Full Access.
  2. Change the keyboard.
  3. Use the keyboard at least once.
  4. Turn off Full Access.
  5. Then you can still use the changed keyboard.

 In iOS10.3, it is possible to change the keyboards while forbidding Full Access. But it might become impossible in the future iOS version.